Estimate Child Support Payments

Calculating Child Support

The overnight time spent with children is used to determine what the non-custodial parent will pay in child support payments. In cases where one parent has sole custody Wisconsin child support payments are calculated using a standard percentage model based on income and the number of children. You can estimate the payments for child support owed to the parent with sole custody by using our Sole Custody Support Calculator.


  • For 1 child it is calculated at 17%
  • For 2 children it is calculated at 25%
  • For 3 children it is calculated at 29%
  • For 4 children it is calculated at 31%
  • For 5+ children it is calculated at 34%

The first step in calculating your estimated child support is understanding what qualifies as income. Here are the most common forms of income:

  • Wages
  • Overtime Wages
  • Tips
  • Commissions
  • Bonuses
  • Interest Income
  • Rental Income

Wisconsin courts deduct federal income tax, state income tax, social security,  the expense of health insurance for the children and union dues.

Monthly Income​

Monthly Income 1 Child (17%) 2 Children (25%) 3 Children (29%) 4 Children (31%) 5+ Children (34%)
$1,500 $255 $375 $435 $465 $510
$2,000 $340 $500 $580 $620 $680
$2,500 $425 $625 $725 $775 $850
$3,000 $510 $750 $870 $930 $1,020
$3,500 $595 $875 $1,015 $1,085 $1,190
$4,000 $680 $1,000 $1,160 $1,240 $1,360
$4,500 $765 $1,125 $1,305 $1,395 $1,530
$5,000 $850 $1,250 $1,450 $1,550 $1,700



The second step is to understand how custody will be shared. As mentioned above this is decided on how many overnights each parent will have with the child. Take advantage of our Sole Custody Calculator to determine an estimate of the child support payments or our Shared Child Support Calculator you can estimate what child support will be paid and by which parent. 

To help you evaluate the time the child(ren) will spend with either parent print and download this Parenting Plan.

Divorce Basics

What you need to know

To file a divorce in Wisconsin, you must meet basic residency requirements. You can start the process of getting a divorce by filing with the clerk in your particular county. In order to file for divorce, you only have to acknowledge that your marriage is broken beyond repair. A divorce attorney can make sure you stay organized as you begin the divorce process. Filing a divorce action in the appropriate manner is crucial in having a successful divorce.

Child Custody

What you need to know

In most family law cases, courts try to maximize a child’s time with both parents after a divorce. However, the parent with legal custody still gets to make crucial decisions on behalf of the child. Courts do consider each parent’s relationship with the children in a divorce, and they also take the child’s wishes into account in most cases. In the absence of legal custody, a divorce attorney can still make sure you play a role in the life of your child after a divorce.

Child Support

What you need to know about child support

Wisconsin courts have specific rules for setting child support amounts. Child support amounts typically last until a child is an adult and can only be changed under very specific circumstances. Therefore, it’s important that you end up paying the right amount in child support from the very beginning. If you believe your former spouse in a divorce isn't paying the right amount in child support, a divorce attorney can help you address this situation.


Helping Families Get What They Deserve.

A divorce or other family law matter is a life-changing event for you, and if you are a parent, for your children. It is an evnt that will change lives for years or perhaps forever. That’s why it’s so important to get an attorney and not just any attorney, but the right attorney

We have over 25 years of family experience and we can be aggressive when your family needs to get what they deserve. When a client retains our services we personally take care of their case. Our goal is to get you what you want. Whether that is collaborative divorce, mediation or litigation.

We are a renowned Wisconsin Divorce & Family Law Firm. We've represented Wisconsin residents in many counties across the state, including Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, DaneRock, Jefferson, Kenosha and  counties. Don’t let your spouse in a difficult divorce case prevent you from getting the settlement your family deserves.


What you need to know about alimony

In a divorce, Wisconsin courts aim to establish financial equality between spouses. Alimony, or spousal maintenance, is the main way courts do this. There is such a thing as temporary alimony, but most alimony orders are permanent, so it’s important that spouses have a bold legal advocate to argue their case in a divorce trial. Although marriage is supposed to be a give-and-take, oftentimes one spouse sacrifices more than the other during a marriage. Factors such as these can influence how much alimony is paid after a divorce is finalized.

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Property Division

What you need to know about property division

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