Spousal Support

There are 1.2 million divorces each year, with many cases requiring one spouse ordered to pay spousal support. If you’ve been involved in divorce proceedings and think that you may have to pay spousal support or are asking for alimony, there are some things that you need to understand.

We’re going to give you all the facts that you need to know before seeking or paying spousal support. The more you know, the better off you’ll be.

Who Qualifies for Spousal Support?

If you’re the person that is going to pay spousal support or are seeking spousal support, you need to know if you qualify for support in the first place. Generally, the awarding of spousal support will depend on the specific circumstances that surround your divorce.

If you were married for more than five years, you may be awarded support or required to pay support.

Factors to Determine Maintenance

Spousal support in Wisconsin based on alimony law is determined by several factors that will help the court to judge things like how much money will be awarded and the length of time that the support will be provided. One of the first things that will be considered is the length of time that the couple was married.

Next, the courts will take into account the gross income of each person involved in the marriage. If you were the sole source of income, then you can’t expect your spouse to pay you support after your divorce proceedings have concluded.

The education level of each person when they were first married. And their contributions to the marriage throughout the time they were together. Lastly, if there was a prenuptial agreement, the court will review it. Then determine if there was an agreement about spousal support in the event of the couple getting a divorce.

Now that you know what factors will be considered, you may be wondering how long alimony in Madison must be paid.

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What Details are Included in Spousal Support?

When the judge rules on your spousal support agreement, there are some things that you’re going to want to review. The first is how much money you’ll be given monthly to cover your bills and other expenses.

Then you’ll need to take into account how long you can expect to receive or make these payments to your spouse. And you’ll need to review the guidelines that you’ve been given.

Some stipulations can cause the agreement to be modified as the judge sees fit if you meet them.

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Spousal Support: Finding Middle Ground After a Divorce

When it comes to spousal support, you’ve got to pay attention to the factors of your divorce agreement and ensure that all needs are met for both parties. If you’ve been with your spouse for a considerable period and they were the breadwinner of the family, you can seek alimony.

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