Whether negotiating a settlement or engaging in a high asset divorce dispute, rights to retirement savings and pensions are incredibly important.

Pensions and retirement savings are valuable bargaining chips are often overlooked by spouses preoccupied with establishing possession of more tangible properties like houses and vehicles. Divorcing couples tend to view the house as the most valued property in an adversarial dispute, but securing rights to pension plans and other investments often provides greater long-term benefits to the asset holder.

Divorce Assets Worth Fighting For


There are many kinds of accounts to be divvied up in a Wisconsin high asset divorce. Different kinds of accounts have different rules affecting marital property division. Some factors include:

  • the valuation of comparable accounts
  • investments under the spouse’s name
  • the length of the marriage

Some of the most commonly disputed marital assets include:

  • Retirement pensions
  • Military pensions
  • 401Ks
  • Roth IRA funds
  • Employee stock options
  • Investments
  • Savings accounts


Marital Property Division Considerations


Dividing martial property isn’t as simple as drawing a line down the middle.  Some assets are worth exactly what the numbers say, while others should be valued differently. Investments must be measured by risk and reward. Many retirement accounts carry significant taxes and penalties for early withdrawal. Non-liquid assets correlate less directly to cash which means they have less value to divorcing parties with immediate financial needs.

The divorce attorneys at John T. Fields & Associates have years of experience in determining which assets to pursue and how to fight for them with aggression and effectiveness. Our firm provides expert valuation of long term assets to ensure our clients receive their maximum share of marital property. Contact us for a free consultation.  John T. Fields & Associates serves Madison, Wisconsin and the surrounding area.