Do you have to prove that you have grounds for divorce in Wisconsin?

Grounds for a divorce are the legal reason clients file for a divorce. When thinking about filing for a divorce, you may be of the opinion you need “grounds” for the divorce or a reason for divorce. Modern divorce laws, or “no-fault” divorce laws, have eliminated the need for divorce grounds in most states

Wisconsin is a no-fault state.


No- fault means neither spouse is required to prove “fault” or marital misconduct on the other. Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage is the only grounds for a divorce in Wisconsin. The primary reasoning behind no-fault divorce laws is keeping emotions out of divorce court.


There are countless reasons for a divorce and every case is situational.


Cruel and inhuman treatments remain leading reasons for a divorce in the United States. Acceptable differences also constitute a spouse in having the ability to arrange grounds for a divorce.

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