Divorces today are more complicated than ever.

Deciding whether to hire a mediator or lawyer portrays a large role in the success of your divorce battle. Our experienced Madison divorce lawyers highly recommend contesting your divorce and bringing your case to trial. A divorce can put your future largely at stake and should not be made by a non-legal representative.

Whether it’s the custody of your child or your financial security, a mediator does not have the legal grounds to back your case. Mediators may offer quicker solutions, however they do not provide the legal advice necessary for a divorce. You divorce lawyer  can provide substantial, legal advice where a mediator can only tell you where to find additional information.

John T. Fields & Associates have the knowledge in fighting for what is rightfully yours, offering clients unmatched, comprehensive legal support. Trust our leading divorce attorneys to win your contested courtroom battle.  Contact us for a free consultation.  John T. Fields & Associates serves Madison, Wisconsin and the surrounding area.