Child Support Calculators

The first step in calculating your estimated child support is understanding what qualifies as income. Here are the most common forms of income:

  • Wages
  • Overtime Wages
  • Tips
  • Commissions
  • Bonuses
  • Interest Income
  • Rental Income

Wisconsin courts deduct federal income tax, state income tax, social security,  the expense of health insurance for the children and union dues.

The overnight time spent with children is used to determine what the non-custodial parent will pay in child support payments. In cases where one parent has sole custody Wisconsin child support payments are calculated using a standard percentage model based on income and the number of children. You can estimate the payments for child support owed to the parent with sole custody by using our Sole Custody Support Calculator.


  • For 1 child it is calculated at 17%
  • For 2 children it is calculated at 25%
  • For 3 children it is calculated at 29%
  • For 4 children it is calculated at 31%
  • For 5+ children it is calculated at 34%

Use our convenient calculators to estimate* Child Support payments.

* These calculators provide estimates only. The actual amount of your payments may differ. 

Contact us to schedule a consultation and we will answer your questions concerning  Child Support payments.

Monthly Income​

Monthly Income 1 Child (17%) 2 Children (25%) 3 Children (29%) 4 Children (31%) 5+ Children (34%)
$1,500 $255 $375 $435 $465 $510
$2,000 $340 $500 $580 $620 $680
$2,500 $425 $625 $725 $775 $850
$3,000 $510 $750 $870 $930 $1,020
$3,500 $595 $875 $1,015 $1,085 $1,190
$4,000 $680 $1,000 $1,160 $1,240 $1,360
$4,500 $765 $1,125 $1,305 $1,395 $1,530
$5,000 $850 $1,250 $1,450 $1,550 $1,700


The second step is to understand how custody will be shared. As mentioned above this is decided on how many overnights each parent will have with the child. Take advantage of our Sole Custody Calculator to determine an estimate of the child support payments or our Shared Child Support Calculator you can estimate what child support will be paid and by which parent.

To help you evaluate the time the child(ren) will spend with either parent print and download this Parenting Plan.

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